About Us

David and Jessie

David and Jessie is an Australian brand found in 2010 with Australian design. 

Our brand's conceptual foundation provides quality and comfortable fashion for women who love themselves to enjoy their unique life.

About Jessie

Jessie is the founder and the chief designer of David and Jessie.

Her design based on colors and prints, which makes you different every day.

Jessie also does Image designer for society, which helps people in the mix and matches with different colors of clothes and refreshes people's mind.


About Our products

Our main products are dresses and tunics. They are designed for in-house, party, beach time, and for your special day.

Most of our dresses and tunics are made in Digital Print.

We also have other products to come together, so you can make your own set of the day with your design.

About Digital Print

What is Digital Print?

Digital Print is a new technology which machine prints different patterns on a cloth. In this case, we can provide unique print that you can't find it anywhere else. 

With Digital Print, you can have your favorite style in many different prints and colors with your mood on that day. You don't need to worry about the fitting and cutting anymore once your one perfect to you.

Want to know more about us?

Call us on:   0423 675 128

Email us:     sales@davidjessie.com